Cape Town, South Africa, February 1659.

On the 2nd of February 1659, Jan van Riebeeck, the first Commander of the Cape, noted in his diary: “Fine warm weather…Today, praise be to God, wine was made for the first time from Cape grapes.”

Stellenbosch, South Africa, February 2009.

On the 2nd of February 2009, three hundred and fifty vintages later, four men share a passion for wine and a vision for the future: a world-class wine from South Africa, combining the best terroirs of the Cape with Old World winemaking expertise. On the ground was Giorgio Dalla Cia, whose knowledge of South African vineyards is legendary. Thrilled by the idea, Denis Dubourdieu joins the group: master winemaker to numerous icon wines in Bordeaux, Hermitage and elsewhere.

The first vintage G. 2010 was released to rave reviews.
The 2011 and 2012 continue to set a new Standard - on par with and above the greatest wines of the world.
The First Growth of the Cape is conquering the globe.

All our work is targeted to create the best possible wine of the country – the only one that is entitled to carry the “G.” as the First Growth of the Cape. A multi-terroir blend, we pay honor to the personality of every vintage that makes it unique within the G. genealogy. Our second wine echoes the Grand Vin.

G. 2011 – A TRIBUTE TO C.P.
G. 2010

G. 2012

Legendary winemaker Denis Dubourdieu teams up with young South African talent Mia Fischer to create the ‘First Growth of the Cape’. Uncompromised quality is the leitmotiv for this wine that is determined to set new standards
– with a strict limitation of 3745 bottles in its third vintage.

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G. 2011 – A TRIBUTE TO C.P.

Further refinement of the vision. Balanced perfectly between the New and the Old World, with an intensity of fruit that speaks to Napa Valley, and a structure that leans towards the Right Bank. A limited production of 1943 bottles.

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G. 2010

Delicate, delicious, inimitable. A powerful statement for the terroir of South Africa, refined and cultured by the touch of an Old World Master. Purity, harmony, complexity and elegance. Seductive now, with the potential for extended ageing. A limited production of 3410 bottles.

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THE ECHO OF G. reflects on the new wine crafted by legendary winemakers Denis Dubourdieu and Giorgio Dalla Cia together with young South African talent Mia Fischer. Second wine to the ‘First Growth of the Cape’, this oeuvre enjoys the same compromised quality as G. – and is ultimately born during blending.

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A visionary masterpiece from Italian-born South African winemaker Giorgio Dalla Cia in collaboration with European experts, this wine was initially made for friends and family only. Not available for sale.

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"A world class red that is surely the ‘First Growth’ of South Africa and imminently the country’s finest wine.” - Tim Gaiser, Master Sommelier

Old World Masterminds

Prof Denis Dubourdieu

This is Decanter’s Man of the Year 2016, a Godfather of Icon wines, master winemaker behind the wines of Château Cheval Blanc and Château d’Yquem in Bordeaux, and La Chapelle in Hermitage, and professor of oenology at the University of Bordeaux. Denis Dubourdieu has crafted some of the greatest wines of his generation. At 4G, he recognizes that rarest of visions, the terroir to make a wine that will stand as an equal to the greatest wines from around the world. It is a challenge that he embraces.

Dr Valérie Lavigne

Valérie Lavigne has worked as an associate with Denis Dubourdieu for more than twenty years. A renowned expert in the science of wine aromas, she is also recognized world-wide for her research on the ageing process of wines. Her work with 4G continually pushes us forward, upward.

Resident Winemakers

Giorgio Dalla Cia

A living legend in South Africa, creator of such wines as Rubicon at Meerlust Estate, Giorgio Dalla Cia has been the Spiritus Rector of 4G. A visionary pioneer in his native land, he combines an unparalleled knowledge of the vineyards and terroirs of the Cape with a drive that permits no obstacles.

Mia Fischer

Feet on the ground, hands in the wine. Mia Fischer has winemaking experience in four countries on three continents. She is the craftsman that realizes the vision of her guiding lights, Denis and Giorgio. Tireless, with a painstaking attention to details, Mia carefully carries the wines from the crush pad to the bottle.

Artist In Residence

Sebastian Blinde

Trained at the famous Berlin Weissensee school of design, Sebastian’s work has appeared in exhibitions in Berlin, Zurich, Riga and Hannover. Creative ideas flow effortlessly from his mind. His uncanny eye for the natural world, combined with an endlessly creative application of flawless technique, make his work a perfect match for 4G.

Feedback from leading international wine experts confirms that G. receives recognition for being the First Growth of the Cape.

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